Artist Statement


Nanna Grønborg’s work comes out of a dialogue between objects, objective and subjective impressions, narratives and the interventions that change these.

She constructs and deconstructs objects in the area of conflict between the objective world that influences us and the interpretation and representation that we form quickly and unconsciously. Through her interference a new narrative arises.


To her, jewellery is a body related tool used to comment on this space between observation and depiction. The contradictions between the rational and the intuitive, between what we see and what we make of it feed her jewellery universe.

This collision, in combination with the ongoing fusion of cultures and the resulting variations of culturally based interpretations fascinates her and it affects her work as her own life is a cultural combination.


Nanna Grønborg’s investigation into the interrelationships between objects and the imagination is an ongoing process. She uses theoretical tools like semiotics and the science of perception to reflect on these topics with a touch of irony.

Her way of working is to draw on diverse methods, which helps her to be aware of every decision including those which deliberately allow for chance. She strives to reach a subtle, sometimes minimalist aesthetic in her work, leaving it to the beholder to decode its message. It should irritate as much as it stimulates reflection.